Accessorize in CSGO

In real life, accessories are quite important – they show your style, sometimes can indicate your beliefs and hobbies. That is why this feature is being brought into online games as well.

Newest addition to the game

If you have been playing CSGO since last year, you have probably noticed the new glove cases. You already had the opportunity to customize your guns, knives and now you can add some style to your hands. The glove case which appeared in November, 2016 contains 24 styles and you can pick the ones you love the most.

Of course, just because you picked the one you want, that doesn’t mean you will get in on your drop. You could try the sites like Drakelounge or others and try to win them by betting, but that also depends on luck.

What to do with the discards?

Just because you have got skins from drops, that does not mean you have to keep them all. You can either drop them or try to get some benefit for yourself from them. How? Well, one is try trading with the other players – maybe somebody has the skin you want and vice versa. Another choice is use them for betting. There are multiple platforms for that, the aforementioned Drakelounge would be one of them.

The new skin – gloves are already one of the wanted ones to get. After all, just because you play well, doesn’t mean you can’t look great as well.

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