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2020-04-08 / english

With the rise of technology, the Fintech market is growing every day.  But as financial regulation is become more and more complex, requiring major financial institutions to comply with different regulations throughout various jurisdictions, major challenges arise. There are several legal issues that Fintech companies can face and to properly navigate and resolve them, Fintech law firms in Lithuania can become quite useful. Skaityti toliau Why Fintech companies need legal guidance

2020-02-06 / english

Sooner or later every company needs to hire some lawyers for legal representation. It can be a huge asset to have a dependable team of attorneys that can handle any legal thing. But for those entrepreneurs that are just starting out, choosing one can be quite a frightening process. The main important key to ensure a successful partnership is to know what you’re looking for in a lawyer. After you figure this out, the next step is to hire one from a business law firm. Skaityti toliau How to choose the right lawyer for your business

2020-01-06 / english

Myths usually occur from not knowing something. And it‘s especially the case when talking about VAT. team outlines that there are many people who don‘t know anything about VAT return and other VAT realted matters, and only a few knows the meaning behind this abbreviation. From these various myths occur, therefore they mislead many. And especially business people. Let‘s find out the most popular myths. Skaityti toliau Myths about VAT

2019-12-04 / english

Without a doubt, at least once a year you’ve heard about the VAT return services and the importance of VAT submission. There were many times when because of VAT companies have faced problems and even were closed because of huge debts. Even though these scandals are public, still many businesses choose to not follow the rules and play their own game. For this, we want to explain the possible consequences and why it is important to follow the rules of the VAT. Skaityti toliau What you need to know about VAT return?

2019-11-11 / english

One who has faced the matters and issues of the financial service and its online platforms may have heard about the term “fintech” and fintech law firms in country Lithuania. Everything that is related to Fintech is related to finances and money calculating and often to business. But it’s not all this is about. Let’s dig deeper and see what we can get to know about fintech. Skaityti toliau What is fintech?

2019-10-31 / english

Business meetings are vital for any successful work – during them it is important to discuss every key point regarding all business processes. According to, it is especially important to discuss global VAT compliance with experts, also just any other task with your managers or co-workers can be as well vital. So we want to present the most important things that are needed to make your business successful. Skaityti toliau Things to remember in a business meeting

2019-10-09 / english

According to, many tourists leave behind millions of dollars, because they don‘t know that they can claim VAT refund. For other tourists it is an uncomfortable matter to handle and that‘s why they don‘t try to claim their money. The fact is that many of us can claim the vat back after buying clothes, accessories or you pay for food and hotels. Do you want to know how to claim your money? Then let‘s look through all the steps. Skaityti toliau Steps on how to claim VAT refund

2014-07-31 / english

In real life, accessories are quite important – they show your style, sometimes can indicate your beliefs and hobbies. That is why this feature is…

Skaityti toliauAccessorize in CSGO