Steps on how to claim VAT refund

According to, many tourists leave behind millions of dollars, because they don‘t know that they can claim VAT refund. For other tourists it is an uncomfortable matter to handle and that‘s why they don‘t try to claim their money. The fact is that many of us can claim the vat back after buying clothes, accessories or you pay for food and hotels. Do you want to know how to claim your money? Then let‘s look through all the steps.


First step – the shop


The first step to follow in order to claim your money has to be made at the shop before you buy any goods. As team points out, it is important to have your passport with you, because only then you will be able to start the refund process. Without this step, VAT refund will not be available.


Moreover, it is important to pick the right shop as not very shop in any country must participate in this kind of refund scheme. Of course, the shops that are visited by many tourists is likely to participate – always look at the windows of the shop and search for a sign.


After you make a purchase, have the merchant to fill the documents and most importantly check the papers if nothing is missing.


Next step – the airport


When you have your paper proving that VAT refund belongs to you, arrive early at the airport. Accoring to, process your documents at the last stop in the EU if you bought goods in European Union country.


Don‘t forget to get your documents stamped by customs office: they are usually situated before airport security, however always check before going through security part of the ariport. There might be cases when officers ask you to show your goods as a proof.


Finally, after these important steps you can claim your refund at refund offices inside the airport. Don‘t leave your money behind – save up for the next trip.

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